I ordered two sets of Suitcases from tutbag.ru

I received them after 2 days. The driver was in a hurry and dropped the bags. I asked about the check and the driver said, the girl who prepares checks was sick and did not come to work and they will bring the check tomorrow.

After he left I realized that the suitcases have defects and the models are different than what I ordered. Yes, they were the same color and looks the same at first but once you open the plastic package I realized they are not what they show on their web site.

I contacted them the same day, and called them up. The customer representative said to write an email and someone will get back to me within 4-5 days.

As you can imagine no one got back to me and I started calling them everyday. Their representatives hung up on me, they did not wanted to talk, and some said the same story, WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU.

I am just writing to let others know that this company is nothing but a big scam. Their products are bad and Customer Service is the WORST. I haven’t seen or experienced anything like this in my entire life.

I learnt one thing that nothing has changed in Russia for the last 20 years. CUSTOMERS are still helpless and no one protects them. Yes there are laws :)) (?)

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